Procrastination – a personal experience

You don’t have to see the whole staircase just take the first step” – Martin Luther King.

I have spent the past few months procrastinating on starting this blog site.snail

Every excuse under the sun, moon and stars would emerge, ‘it’s not the right time’, ‘it needs to be perfect’, ‘if I start what if I don’t commit to it’ and the list would continue.

So I took myself aside one dayto allow some space to consider what was really underneath these excuses. I considered my passion for expressing insight and sharing experiences. I recognised how natural it is for me every day to express and share within my coaching client relationships, within my family and within my personal relationships. So what was happening with this ‘blog block’ that I was experiencing?

Rather than analyse and examine the block, I closed my eyes and began to visualise a scene where I was looking out from a shop window. The shop window was large and through it I could see people for miles and miles. They were moving in all directions, some stopping for a chat, others in their own world walking on. The shop window displayed several shelves of insights, stacks of possibilities and buckets of experience. The sign on the window read ‘I am open, drop in anytime you want’.

In looking out the window at everyone and everything, I became aware of how happy, fulfilled and at peace I felt inside. How everything was in fact as it should be. How this blog could be my window of insights to the world outside.

By repeating this simple visualisation a few times since, my attitude to starting this blog began to change for the better and so here it is.

If you find you are putting off what you really want to do in life and would like some help with getting started, you can drop me a line on

I would love to hear from you.


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