It’s time to forgive yourself for stumbling…

To successfully stick with any resolution you make, it is important that you adopt a forgiving attitude towards yourself for the times you fail at maintaining it. failure               

Having recently equipped yourself with plans and expectations for yet another year, you may already be left with a weakened willpower and a niggling ‘knew I couldn’t do it’ feeling in your stomach. Combining this with the daily wake up in darkness and return home in darkness it is no wonder that you may be feeling restricted, like you are not getting anywhere at all. So why be so hard on yourself?

For starters, you are not a robot, you are human. And changing any habit, especially if it has become engrained in your way of being for a long time, needs to be given the space for regression as well as progression. Regression is not the end it’s a possible beginning.

So what can you do if you are finding yourself ‘stuck again’, deflated from ‘failing’ and reluctant to start over?

Try cultivating these three things before you decide to stop for good/start again:-

  • Acknowledge your efforts so far – no matter how small they have been (helps you value you, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it)
  • Confirm whether you still really want to make the desired change (re-connect with purpose for change in the first place)
  • Intend to start again with a more compassionate attitude to yourself (be a friend to yourself more rather than an enemy when things don’t go to plan)

Whatever the intention is behind any resolution, it’s imperative that we become OK with a slip, stumble or stoppage. This goes for everything we set out to do in life. Having the capacity to forgive ourselves for not always meeting our own expectations can empower us to make (the once believed impossible) changes we really want.

What do you have to lose?

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