The journey to just …be

We arrive into this world … free.

Free to just be ourselves. Free to play and wander with no mental dilemmas, no responsibilities. Free to see the innocence in others. Free to not feel dismantled by what others think of us. Free to mindfully be. The_Mighty_Oak_Tree_

Then slowly the freedom starts to diminish. As we get a little older, we become beholden to the beliefs,  judgments and fears of others, of our parents, our guardians, our carers, our teachers. We take their stuff on and make their stuff our own. And we do this unconsciously.

By the time we mature into young adults we have completely forgotten what it feels like to just be. The possibility of feeling it has been replaced with a weight on our shoulders, a weight in our hearts. A weight labelled ‘not enough’, ‘unlovable’ ‘undeserving’ . A far cry from the state of innocence we set out with.

So on this life journey can we reclaim, re-experience the freedom to just be? We can spend our life chasing it but never quite find it.
We think we need to find it and that’s the never ending chase. We fail to see that the weight acquired along the way simply needs our attention. We can’t see this because we are afraid of how it might make us feel. So we avoid it and the chase continues.

So how can we be free to just be?

Give the weight attention and it can be given the chance to lighten. Give the weight some support and you automatically free yourself up. This is what ‘meeting your inner child’ is about. This is what the journey of self discovery is about.

Living mindfully can support you and your journey. Paying attention to the weight, supporting it, minding it can help you to heal, heal your life. When you allow yourself the freedom to just be you come back home to yourself.

Where else would you rather be?

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3 Responses to The journey to just …be

  1. Anne Tannam says:

    Lovely blog 🙂

  2. ailiei says:

    Well done Linda I really enjoyed that as I believe it all.

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