In Relationship

Life is all about relationships.

We go about our day ‘in relationship’ with others. We give to others, we receive from others. We serve and support many people around us, parents, children, siblings, work colleagues and friendships to name a few. Sometimes it’s an effortless, harmonious experience to be with another. Other times we find ourselves at a complete loss to really connect with another or experience harmony in the relationship.

Relationships can be draining. We can find ourselves compromised, misunderstood and isolated. We loose our footing, ‘standing stuck’ in the shoes of the other and being unable to slip back into our own shoes.

Coaching is a powerful way to develop your skills in connecting with others. It starts and ends with .. you .. and the way you relate to yourself.

So how do you see yourself? How do you relate yourself to others?

Coaching can help you

  • Learn how to experience nurturing relationships in your life
  • Navigate your way to attracting fulfilling relationships
  • Open to getting what you want from relationships in your work and your personal life

I can help you in fine-tuning and developing your skills in order to create balanced and fulfilling relationships.