Stress Reduction

my-life-is-a-messWe deal with changes and challenges all the time. Sometimes it comes easy. Other times we can feel overwhelmed, it’s just too much to handle on our own.

We get tired of ourselves, we feel fed up at what life keeps throwing our way. We are confined to a life cycle of thoughts running riot in our heads with no space to breath or smell the roses.


We just don’t seem to have the space nor opportunity to trust ourselves or our decision-making. We don’t see ourselves anymore, maybe even realising that we never really have. The thought of having to adjust to new life experiences (which are inevitable), feels uncomfortable and we are full of resistance.

Coaching is a relationship that can provide you with the resources you need to expand  your outlook, your options, your…self.

The coaching relationship gives you space and opportunity to explore what it is you want and expand on how you can have your want met. You are heard, understood and challenged in a daisiesmindful and compassionate way, enabling parts of you emerge that serve you and your life situation.

As your coach, Linda can help you discover your own perspectives on your life through heightened awareness and new insights. She can support you in developing the life you want and the life you deserve.